September Planning 02

What eight questions would you ask your teams as they prepare for September? Celebration: What miracles, stories and successes are you celebrating? Make a list of miracles that God did since last September. These are things that happened where heaven invaded earth and there is no explanation besides divine intervention. People becoming believers, healing from […]

September Planning 01

What eight questions would you ask your teams as they prepare for September? Celebration: What miracles, stories and successes are you celebrating? Discipleship: What are your generations of discipleship by men and women? Direction: What are your purpose, mission, vision, values, distinctives, strategies, processes and tactics? Review: What did you learn last year within your […]

Andy Stanley Podcast

Staying Current – Questions to ask NOW

I enjoy Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast. His monthly podcasts will give you fresh ideas and motivation to lead. Check out the July 2014 podcast called, Staying Current. Here are 5 questions to ask your teammates any time, but especially before the beginning of a new trimester: What are you most excited about right now? What […]


How do you measure generosity?

Measuring progress is always a challenge. Stories are always better than statistics. However, statistical trends give you a large dose of reality. How do you measure the stewardship and generosity of your church? Celebration service as the denominator There are some numbers that are helpful, but almost impossible to collect. One of the easiest numbers […]


Memorize the first and last 5 minutes

How can you improve your preaching? A lack of preparation is one of the top 3 reasons your preaching is not as good as it could be. Here is a simple way to improve: 1. Prepare your message in the same way you always do. 2. When you are 90% complete, script out the first […]


Reduce stress with more margin in your borders

Conflicts among nations often involve disputes about borders. Right now the news is filled with issues related to the borders between the USA and Mexico, Russia and Ukraine as well as Gaza in Israel. When it comes to self-leadership, putting more margin in the borders of your life will reduce stress and increase joy. What […]

moses aaron hur

LEADERSHIP: Who are your personal Human Resourcers?

An important part of leadership is self-leadership. An important part of self-leadership is choosing which “humans” provide resources for your life and ministry. RESOURCERS OR DRAINERS? Do not be a victim of the people in your life. Yes, you might not always get to chose some of the people in your life, but you can […]


How many sermons before you found your style?

This is a great question to ask any pastor you meet!  My pastor and I were talking about this after he delivered yet another great Sunday morning message. (He is courageous enough to welcome feedback from his elders on his preaching.) Every young pastor needs to find his own style of preparation and presentation. How […]


Preaching prep form helps every week

GUEST POST: Ryan Burgess, Gathering Church All good executives, military personnel, athletes, students, and even homemakers develop good routines. Routines help us stay disciplined for success when we are unmotivated. Routines provide a next step when we lack focus. Over the past year as a church planter one routine I have developed in my sermon […]


A classic article from Drucker

The team from Auxano has provided us with a fantastic summary of Peter Drucker’s classic book: The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization. Sign-up for the Auxano SUMS articles and profit from this article today. Peter Drucker’s five questions are: What is our Mission? with Jim Collins Who is our Customer? with Phil Kotler What […]